Business Opportunities in Bulgaria

By joining the European Union, Bulgaria became a part of the internal market and common policies for business development, transport, energy and the free movement of people. The excellent location of our country and the favorable tax regime gave a push to foreign investors and international companies. Bulgaria has become a desirable and preferred place for business operations in Europe.
The main advantages of Bulgaria to other countries:

• Tax advantages
Taxes in Bulgaria are the lowest in the European Union. Legislation in the country and of community are well synchronized. Government policies aim at attracting foreign investors.

• Bulgaria is a member of the European Union
As Bulgaria is a part of the internal market for goods, services, capital and people its legislation is in accordance with European norms. The national currency is bound to the euro since 1998.

• Business administration
Establishing a company in Bulgaria takes only a few days. Minimum capital was reduced to 1EUR. To register a company takes less than 10 days.

• Avoidance of double taxation
The existing international treaties in Bulgaria help to avoid double taxation. Agreements have been signed with over 50 countries worldwide.

• Business processes at low levels
Rental and sales prices of real estates are very attractive. There are many highly qualified professionals in Bulgaria, who can be hired at the lowest cost within the European Union.

• Excellent location
Bulgaria is situated in a key crossroads between Europe and Asia. Four important European transport corridors go through its territory.